Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Psalms 102(101):2-3.16-18.19-21

LORD, hear my prayer; 
let my cry come to you. 
Do not hide your face from me 
now that I am in distress. 
Turn your ear to me; 
when I call, answer me quickly. 

The nations shall revere your name, O LORD, 
and all the kings of the earth your glory, 
when the LORD has rebuilt Zion 
and appeared in his glory; 
when he has regarded the prayer of the destitute, 
and not despised their prayer. 

Let this be written for the generation to come, 
and let his future creatures praise the LORD: 
"The LORD looked down from his holy height, 
from heaven he beheld the earth, 
to hear the groaning of the prisoners, 
to release those doomed to die."